About the FSSF

We are a group of dedicated individuals who do our best to preserve the history of the First Special Service Force. We work with the veterans association, historians, the military and the film industry to try to have the history of the Force remembered as accurately as possible. There are numerous sections who represent the Force around the world, and all contribute to the memory of the Force and the education of the public.

Our group started in 1998 as part of the Museum Of Applied Military History in Ontario. In 1999, we had joined forces with sections in New York and Pennsylvania. Other groups such as the one in Illinois already existed, but we had the pleasure of meeting and helping groups form in the United Kingdom, California, Wisconsin, France and Missouri. There will surely be newer groups coming along as time goes by.

Our main group is based in central Ontario, but we also have a section in Ottawa. We have tried to relive the experiences of the Force as best as we could. Many members have had their parachute training, experienced a voyage in a Liberty ship, been trained on the original weaponry of the Force, climbed the mountains in Italy and France, done landings on the Iles-des-Heyeres(2011), attended many reunions and functions.

Daring to Die

August of 2003 found us helping in the production of Daring to Die. The Force veterans sent the production company to us to help with the production of a documentary about the FSSF. In 2005 we helped with the opening of the museum at CFB Pettawawa, later that year we climbed La Difensa and placed a plaque dedicated to the battle there in 1943. We toured Anzio and all the mountains the Force fought through in 1944, and visited Rome and the Canadian Ambassador to Italy. Since then, many have made the pilgrimage up Difensa to see the mountain. We have had yearly BBQ’s for the Force veterans and their families and have a museum of our own dedicated to the Force. Every year we try to send representatives to the reunions. Hopefully the learning and experience will continue for years to come, and new people with interest in the unit will be able to carry this history into the future.

People in our group range from professionals, students, historians, police officers, serving and ex-military and many other spheres of life. We’ve enjoyed working with the veterans and the Force Association and in 2007 the Ontario, NY, PA and UK sections received official recognition at the FSSF reunion for our work with the Association.